Friday, November 05, 2004

A thought

The election. Very disappointing of course. But the worst part about
it is the fact the largest reason people were giving for coming out to
the polls was "moral values" - translation after 11 state gay marriage
bans, 55 senate republicans & Bush: my country hates me. I am
horrified Bush will have four more years, but the worst is feeling so
hated in my own country. It's such a dispiriting feeling.

What to do next?

Sunday, October 03, 2004


I won the lottery! Well, it was only $150, but it was still cool. I
gave the clerk the ticket because I thought I'd won $3, and he said "No,
you've won many more times than that" and showed me the receipt for
$150. I am sure I invested $500 to earn that $150, but it was a fun
little treat.

Now off to watch mean girls

Friday, October 01, 2004

The Theatre

A short play by Terry Jackson:

MODERATOR: How do you characterize your performance as commander in chief?
BUSH: It's a hard job.
MODERATOR: Five seconds, Mr Kerry.
KERRY: Don't worry, Mr President. Help is on the way.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Subway Story

It was bound to happen eventually. You all know I love my city dearly, but there are certain things you just have to accept when you live here. One is that Corn Flakes cost $6. Another is that you are going to see unpleasant things on the subway.

I've had my share of subway experiences, especially when I lived up in Washington Heights and I had to ride for extended periods above 96th St. Vomit, homeless people who smell like urine, nudity, unidentifiable unpleasant smells, belligerent angry drunk people, plenty of crazies, unbearably hot or cold cars... but yesterday I had the worst experience yet.

My lovely, starving boyfriend Jason and I were going to our friends' place for game night and we ran downstairs at 14th St. to catch the just-about-to-leave 2/3. We walk in, and the doors close behind us just as we notice to our right is a big pile of mocha brown human feces. Yes, someone had decided that the perfect place to relieve themselves of the dinner from the day before was in the corner of my subway car. We tried to escape to the back of the car, but the odor wafted back and we were stuck with it. We were trapped with the poo. The image and smell are burned into my mind.

So that was my least favorite subway trip ever. When we got off at Times Square they had been cleaning the station, and let me tell you, the smell of industrial strength cleaners has never smelled so good.