Monday, October 24, 2005

Toothpicks, please

Had another amusing misunderstanding at work...
I am working away (well, I am reading away or something) and I hear, phonetically:
GIRL: Do you have any tepicks?
ME: <confused> Toothpicks?  (What an odd request in an office!)
GIRL: No, tepicks, white out?  What do you call it where you're from?
ME: Oh.  Just white out.
Turns out they call it TipEx here, another case where a name brand has become generic a la Kleenex and, here, Hoover.  Then again, isn't White Out an American brand?
Too bad.  Toothpicks was a more interesting request.  We should all start asking for odd things from our coworkers.  "Excuse me, do you have any aardvarks I can borrow?"

Shaun Coley
London, UK

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