Thursday, December 15, 2005

Naomi & Ishcabibble

First of all, thank you to David Bell forever and for always for introducing me to Kiki & Herb.

I saw them in their newest show tonight, "Jesus Wept" a re-do of a post-9/11 show they did in New York back in the day when they were just making the leap from underground cabaret to illegitimate off-Broadway theater.

It was a re-do in title only as it was almost completely new.  They used some of the same songs, but they always did, there was always a carry-over from previous shows.  The show was topical enough without being weighty and the two Kiki-virgins I brought (Natasha & Sean) loved it.

I realized two things; one was that I would never get to experience them in the old cabaret setting I'd come to love them in, and I never exactly realized Kiki's brilliance in how she slowly revealed small pieces of her "life" over several shows until you really felt for her and all she'd been through.  Oh Yesoway!  Oh the child she met at Target (or reasonable facsimile).  Brilliant.

One personal point tonight, I was seated next to one of those ├╝ber-lesbians, you know, the one who can't let go of her girlfriend and who has really bad tattoos.  She was very upset I was cheering loudly for Kiki and at one point told me so and so, too tired of her to deal anymore, I just limply motioned away and said 'You just need to go sit over there then' and kept on giving my all for Kiki.  I know it doesn't sound interesting in this re-telling, but wow, how can you be bitter and angry at KIKI?!  Lesbians will never cease to amaze (as in terrify) me...

It's midnight here in Olde London Towne, so off to bed.  I'm jealous of you SFers who get to see her for NYE (for you few, refer to the subject of this eMail again).


Shaun Coley
London, UK

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