Friday, January 06, 2006

Olde London Towne

Fell in love with London all over again tonight...

- a pub from 1546 (imagine, the people drinking there when it opened [during Elizabeth I's reign] could have been talking about this new, exciting continent discovered within their lifetimes called America)

- a church from the 1200s (with a private cocktail party in the basement and a vacant main chamber; we were the only people there to see it [also, it was the first catholic church in England])

- super cool, trendy, modern martini/hookah bar next to Smithfield Market

- (also passing Trade & DTPM, though obviously we didn't go in)

all within 10 minutes of my front door.

Love it.

All my US friends (Niels, Schnookums & McGirr, and Todd, see you in a week, you've all been, but this still applies), come visit soon.  Love it here, but I miss you to bits.


Shaun Coley
London, UK