Thursday, September 07, 2006

[The Life of Shaun #67] And we're off!

Fifty-three minutes of work left, but who's counting?
Today is my last day at St. Ives before starting graduate school and I am so excited about it.  I am definitely ready for this next step.
My team and I went out to lunch at my favourite local pub, The Nelson.  Good panang curry and three pints - not bad for a Thursday!  My direct boss, who's only here for four months since my original boss left two weeks ago, bought dinner for everyone.  The payroll head bought my friend Nick and me an extra round, and my colleague Julia gave me a card and €20 for beer in Dublin.  All-in-all, pretty cool.  Those of you who've heard tell about my work know it hasn't been a total love affair.  But in the end, I can't complain; nice people and, honestly, if I'd've had a better job, I might well not've gotten the courage to take a full year off for school.  What's that about things always happen for a reason...?
Tonight: pack!
Tomorrow: Dublin, where I will be meeting Mary Keany (Hi Mary!  See you tomorrow!)
Weekend: Guinness!  (Well, just one, I'm more a lager man, but c'mon, you gotta have Guinness when you're in Dublin!)
Monday: School starts!  Yikes!
Orientation promises to be wretched.  Every day for two weeks, at late as 21h00 some nights.  And they're shipping me and half the class off to Portsmouth for the weekend two weeks hence.  I've been there before -- I am not excited.  But then after the two weeks "real" school gets down to business - and that I am excited about.
So, here I am, just over one year in London starting another new chapter in life (I hate that clich√©, but after three pints it's hard to be original).  Life is exciting and good.

Shaun Coley
London, UK

"Mission Accomplished."  -- George W. Bush, 01 May 2003

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