Thursday, November 23, 2006

[The Life of Shaun #81] Happy Xgiving!

Happy Xgiving everyone!

Xgiving was always my favourite holiday in the US - all the good things, friends, family and lots of food, without the stress of Xmas and Xmas shopping.  So it's a little sad here where they don't celebrate it.  But fortunately there're enough Americans in my class to comfort one another.  :)

And Dollar, a restaurant just around the corner (of course) is having a Thanksgiving menu tonight and I am going with Natasha and some friends.  And it's gon' be good!  Dessert: pumpkin pie with Jack Daniels cream - YUMMAY!  Looking very forward.

So have a great holiday, all of you in the US; and the rest, well, enjoy your day at work.  ;-)


Shaun Coley
Clerkenwell, Islington
London, UK
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