Thursday, May 03, 2007

[The Life of Shaun #113] Power Couple

I live below one of London's power couples!  And a lesbian one at that.  The penthouse mentioned below is two floors above our flat.  We've shared the lift and sometimes get Fiona's mail.

[April 28, 2007]

The Power Couples (Section 7)

(Evening Standard Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) THE LITERARY LIONS



SAFFRON BURROWS, ACTRESS, 34, & FIONA SHAW, ACTRESS, 48 How they met Fiction became fact for the sapphic duo who met while performing Jeanette Winterson's sexually charged story of lesbian love, The PowerBook.

Influence: They are used to being with powerful partners - Burrows was with Mike Figgis and Shaw with Deborah Warner when they met. Fiona is one of the most acclaimed stage actresses of her generation, with roles such as Medea and Hedda Gabler (and, lucratively, Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter). Saffron, also an actress (Deep Blue Sea and Troy), uses her influence to campaign for human rights as vice president of the National Civil Rights movement.

Family: They share Burrows' penthouse in Clerkenwell.

What they say: 'Loving is what is crucial to me. Loving is the reason to live,' says Saffron.



Shaun Coley
Clerkenwell, Islington
London, UK
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