Sunday, May 27, 2007

[The Life of Shaun #120] "Shaun's List"

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know about my other list "Shaun's List" - its description:

Description This is "Shaun's List" - basically it's a list for my forwards... politics, useless knowledge, jokes, etc., all that fun stuff. But it also allows you to unsubscribe if you get tired of hearing from me. ;)

Not everyone likes that kind of stuff, so I keep a separate list.  If anyone's not on it and would like to be, let me know.

Natasha and I went to this very cool restaurant last night called the Hoxton Apprentice; its goal is to 'help people who have found life hard', so the staff there is made up of (previously) homeless and long-term unemployed.  Some are trained in the kitchen, some for the front.  It was really great - fantastic atmosphere, and really good food, and reasonably priced.  I can definitely recommend it to those in London and those who are London-bound - it's a great date place, too, and it's definitely now on my list.


Shaun Coley
Clerkenwell, Islington
London, UK
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