Wednesday, August 15, 2007

[The Life of Shaun #149] Eel Pie Island

I enjoy exploring random parts of the city; I don't do it as much as I'd like, but I do get to some places.  My friend Alexi and I realised recently that we share this pleasure and so we set out to Eel Pie Island (an ait [or eyot], actually, we've learned), a little island I happened across when I was pouring over the London AtoZ, as I often do.  The island's also mentioned in an AbFab episode, so that sealed the deal.

Well, according to Wikipedia, "An ait (or eyot) is a small island found in the middle of a river or lake. It is especially used to refer to islands found on the River Thames in England."  Small is certainly key.  It took about five minutes to walk its length, and that was at a leisurely pace and taking pictures.  It was so small, we did it twice to make sure we didn't overlook some side path or something.  Nope!  That was it.

But it was quite charming and cute, and was a good jaunt.  You can see pics of tour day out to he little island and Barnes here, if you'd like:

BTW, Eel Pie Island (Isn't that a great name?  They have the best names here!) was mentioned in AbFab because a lot of the free-loving type artists of the 60s used to perform at a hotel there until it burnt down.  The hotel's now a concrete 70s housing complex - not ugly for a 70s building, but certainly not charming in any way.

Anyway, after our 15 minutes on the island we escaped up to Barnes for lunch; rugby was on at the stadium, which is right by Eel Pie Island, so we had no desire to be in that area.

A very nice day out, which was capped by the champagne and vodka of lore from my previous update.


Shaun Coley
Clerkenwell, Islington
London, UK
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