Sunday, September 02, 2007

[The Life of Shaun #155] One day more

Today's the last day of my attempt to extend adolescence into my thirties - I did well, 32 and a student! But that's coming to a close - I start work tomorrow, which I am actually really excited about. It's going to be such a refreshing change being in a professional office after the hippie commune I spent the Summer in. And, of course, the paycheques won't hurt so much either.

This being Europe it looks like we're going to have a transport strike my first week ( At least it doesn't start until tomorrow evening, so I won't be late to my first day of work - just every other day this week. A strike seems rather rich given their 45 holidays a year and the service level they provide (attached is a picture of the tube status this afternoon). I think that Greater London needs to brace itself for some pain and get in a ballsy mayor/PM to break the transport unions à la Thatcher and the miners. This will mean three buses for me each way, but it's worth it if it'll break the stranglehold. And maybe the New Tube that resulted could get in real workers that will keep it open 24 hours like in New York rather than these delicate princess-muffin-cakes they have now that can't bear irregular shifts.

Regardless, I will get through the week and get this whole new career/life/challenge/excitement/chapter thing started. My friend Russ arrives Friday and we're off to Manchester for the weekend (woo hoo!), and next weekend I will be heading to Cologne (woo hoo again!), so a great start to September for me.

Hope you're all well and living somewhere that doesn't have pussycharm transport workers!

Shaun Coley
Clerkenwell, Islington
London, UK
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