Monday, September 03, 2007

[The Life of Shaun #156] First day

My first day at XYZ was good. Started off the day with an orientation, about 90 minutes, then it took about 30 minutes to get my ID and then I was on my way off to my building! Quite a change from the two-week orientation in a hotel in Stamford, CT IBM gave me when I started there, but no matter.

Took a bit to actually get into my building as there was a fire drill and they weren't letting people up the tower (I am in the Lehman Brothers building until about December while the refurbish where we are in 25 Cabot Square). They took me to lunch, had a little info session on IntelligentApps, which, being a Microsoft product, I have every confidence will be anything but intelligent.

The team is nice, though the guy who originally hired me is no longer there, which is too bad. I think the role is going to be a little more techy and pedantic than I'd thought, but it's really going to expose me to how this whole part of the business works, which is what I want out of it, so I am good with that.

Attached are a few pics from day one:

  1. DSC00053: The building I am working in now (tall one), 25 Bank Street, on the 17th floor
  2. DSC00054: Building where I will work, 25 Cabot Square
  3. DSC00055: View of The City from our office on Bank Street
Very happy to be encased in the pillars of global capital and out of the commune - here's to day two!


Shaun Coley
Clerkenwell, Islington
London, UK
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