Sunday, September 16, 2007

[The Life of Shaun #160] A fix and pics

As most of you know I have been to nine universities now; in order they are  La Sorbonne, University of Nevada Las Vegas, City College of San Francisco, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of North Dakota, Albertus Magnus College, Stevens Institute of Technology, Baruch College City University of New York and Cass Business School City University London.  Obviously I have an addiction to places of higher learning.  My mentor group from Cass can tell you I can also be a bit pedantic and OCD with things like punctuation and making sure my monthly tube pass starts on the first day of the month.

To address both these things, I've enrolled in another institution, Morley College (near Waterloo), beginning on Tuesday - this way I can get my fix and round off the list to a neat ten institutions.  I will be taking German on Tuesdays and Mandarin on Thursdays.

I am totally excited to take German!  I had it in high school and absolutely loved it - it's such a fun language.  It's going to be a fun thing for me to do weekly.  Mandarin - well, I am taking that more because of the impression China made on me in June - it's definitely where the action is going to be.  I'd considered Russian, as it's a growing BRIC country, too, but I think China will dominate even over oil-rich London in the business world.

My friend from Cass, Lottie, is taking Mandarin with me, which will be nice.  She's also doing a second language, but French.  But our one class a week together will be a nice help to the transition into the real world.

Lastly, below are more pics from my sister's wedding for those friends & family that know her and may want to see.


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Hi friends and family.  Here are the pictures of our wedding.  There are a lot of them but there are so many nice ones I couldn't select just a few.  This is from Walgreens in the states, so anyone in the states can order hard copies right on line.  It's great.  You just have to register your name and e mail to see the photos.  It only takes 30 seconds.  Thanks again to all of you making this one of the most magical days of my life.!!!!! If anyone would like a hard copy of any pics outside of the states, just let me know!




You're invited to view my photos!

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