Thursday, January 24, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #189] Rather annoyed

Sitting here with a glass of shiraz. Perturbed. They had a round of lay-offs at work today. I wasn't affected, but almost wish I had been. They laid off two of of the nine people in our team, including the girl who supports me, Catherine. This girl has the patience of a saint to come in facing her job every day as it is tedium defined. And, should the full range of service be expected after she leaves, that leaves it in my lap. As you can imagine, I do not relish the idea of this.

London were lucky, too - we were given a week's notice. New York is finding out on the 31st and told not to come back the next day.

We will find out more tomorrow about the path ahead, but it's not happy times at Canary Wharf this week. I guess we should at least be happy that it hasn't come out that one of our traders single-handedly lost $7.1b. Yet.

Needing another glass,
Shaun Coley
Clerkenwell, Islington
London, UK
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