Wednesday, February 06, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #196] The Play About the Naked Guy

OK, so slightly off-topic, but it's not every day your friend has his first off-Broadway play, so I am taking up some bandwidth to shamelessly plug it.

I saw it in the original Emerging Artist Theatre space run, and it's great; it's updated and will be even better now, and even hotter guys have been cast in the roles. And it's a play about a naked guy - what more could you ask?

I am going to see it on 23 Feb if anyone would like to come along. Then please join the playwright and me for a night of excessive drinking in the least reputable bars in Manhattan afterwards.


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The Hot Guy Alert® committee has written a vehicle for Hot Guys!
The Hot Guy Alert® committee scoured the shrine and auditioned 9 Hot Guy Alerts.
The Hot Guy Alert® committee proudly presents the Off-Broadway premiere of

Jason Schuchman
Chad Austin
and introducing our latest Hot Guy Alert,
Dan Amboyer
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Why does the Hot Guy Alert® committee do this for you?
Because the Hot Guy Alert® committee cares.

Shaun Coley
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