Tuesday, February 12, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #198] Miami and New York

Well, they are fast approaching - plans are being made, figurative beds are being made to lie in, and the chattering classes are preparing for a new supply of juicy gossip from the trail of tears, liturgy of mistakes and 80-proof headaches that are the result of any properly done trip to New York.

So, for my week in Miami, I will be seeing the family (including my new niece, Chiara, born today - 10.5 lbs, 22" - home birth, no drugs) and Russ, who's flying in, Sat - Mon.  Then Rankows, we need to plan when I can see you all - when is good for you?

In New York, the weekends are being left open for general debauchery East of 5th (or wherever you locals tell me I can find places I'd be ashamed to tell my mother I went to), with a special highlight "The Play About the Naked Guy" on 23 Feb (Come see it that night if you can, but see it for sure if you can't - it's gonna be fab!).  But for those of you less liver-damage-inclined, I have made/need to make dinner/brunch plans with you, so please be in contact with me if you'd prefer that.  Otherwise, I will see you out one of the weekend nights, I hope!

Also, in the grand tradition, brunch at Lips my last day there, Sunday, 02 Mar - please let me know if you'd like to come so I can make the reservation.

OK, think that's it - can't believe I will be in America again in four days!  I am really looking forward to the break then getting back to London for some rest!


Shaun Coley
Clerkenwell, Islington
London, UK

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