Tuesday, February 19, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #201] Miami 2008

So I find myself in Miami Beach again - how does this keep happening? No, actually I've had a fine, relatively drama-free, time so far. Russ was in town from Saturday when I arrived until last night, so that kept the social calendar in swing. From today it's all family time, which means two new babies so anything's possible.

I can say that I wouldn't recommend flying Iberia intercontinental; despite the above-average quota of eye candy, its lack of amenities, even in the brand new plane I was on, makes the flight tedious by 2008 standards. (No individual entertainment sets? No plugs? Are you serious?!) Fortunately I am on American for Miami-NYC and NYC-London.

Attaching a few pics from the weekend:

1. P2150002 - Danai, Mihalis and my sister Lisa having cocktails on Lincoln Road
2. P2150004 - Me, Russ and his friend Scott having said cocktails
3. P2150006 - Me, Lisa and Russ after another cocktail
4. P2150009 - Me with Chiara, Lara's new baby

Oh boy, the drama's started up in the time it's taken me to write this eMail. Well, stiff upper lip and all, here we go - it's Coley time!


Shaun Coley
Clerkenwell, Islington
London, UK


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