Sunday, February 24, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #205] Ouch

I am about to write the most painful thing I have ever written.

First though, I saw David's play tonight - I am so proud of him.  As we were watching I beamed as I would occasionally remember that these hilarious lines I was laughing at were thought up by my friend who was sitting right next to me.  I'm lucky enough to have known David long enough that I have seen just about everything he's done since moving to New York.  I've gotten to laugh at his humour, but most of New York has not.  So there was a slight jarring feeling to suddenly see his work on a "real"* stage and with "real" props - like, a *real* play!  Finally New York has cottoned on to what I have known for years.

Now for the pain.

We went out tonight after the play, of course, and we finally found a good, old school, scrappy New York type of bar, and I loved it.  But.  <sigh>  It was.  In.  Oh, I can't say this, I just can't -- BROOKLYN.  I went to Brooklyn.  And enjoyed it!  I'm voting for Ed Koch in the next election is all I can say; I want tranny hookers back in the Meat Packing District, heterophobic nancies on 8th Avenue, the fun places back in Manhattan again and the East River to resume its role an an impenetrable barrier between Us and Them.  This current paradigm is just a little too Oklahoma is OK unfomfortable for me.

Alright, it's 08:30 and I am shattered as one should be on Sunday morning in New York; guess it's time for bed.


*I am a theatre retard; I am sure the more thespianic amongst you can think of a better adjective to convey what I am meaning here
** And get this - Todd Martin (Todd!) was the one who suggested we go there!

Shaun Coley
Clerkenwell, Islington
London, UK
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