Saturday, May 03, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #228] TVs and Mattresses

I have TVs and mattresses now!  The flat is slowly filling up.  Tomorrow it should fill more with the addition of a flatmate.  Moving in to Kelday Heights will be Court (short for Courtney), a 25-year old recent arrival from Sydney.  I interviewed about 10-12 people, several of whom were livable and a few of whom were comfortable, but Court seemed the best fit and also was very excited about the flat, and that's good as I want someone who really wants to live there.

Mattresses came today, so I have a real double bed to sleep on tonight; after 2.5+ years in a single bed, this will be luxury.  I splashed out on the mattress as well, figuring I deserve it after my self sacrifice.  TVs also came this week so I can catch up on the gossip in Weatherfield.

BT is phenomenally annoying; I won't have a landline until 20 May, and then not internet until some time thereafter.  Fortunately, having moved in (actually, to) this country before, I had patience at the ready.  I am currently in a £1/hour internet café in Soho - you can imagine how nice that is.  My computer has a 12" CRT screen - it's 1996 in here!

Mary Keany lives a 10-minute stroll from me, and it's quite nice having a good friend so near.  I miss my shops on Exmouth Market, but am enjoying the raw urbanity of my new location.  I'll be watching for closing stores to suggest to Starbucks they open a branch to kick start the regeneration of Watney Market.

All in all, things are well - at least until Tuesday when Boris brings the onset of the descent of London (He wants to remove the more efficient bendy buses so our trip times can be 20% longer, make it more cost-effective for SUVs to drive in central London to clog our streets and dirty our air, and ban alcohol on the tube!  I hate him!).  Hopefully the GLC will temper his meddling hand somewhat, but I am not convinced that the preeminent city in the world should be led by such a card - at any time, let alone the run-up to a £12 billion event - and am quite shocked he believes Londoners should have to endure our creaking transport infrastructure without libations to ease the pain.

How about the Fritzl case?  That is one of the craziest and most effecting stories I have heard in a long while.  Really quite stunning.

OK, back East I go; a shower and a night in Stoke Newginton await me.


Shaun Coley
Clerkenwell, Islington
London, UK
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