Friday, July 04, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #245] Happy Fourth of July!

As most of you know, today is Independence Day (though no one calls it
that), the day Americans celebrate liberating themselves from a
tyrannical, oppressive regime that would eventually bring about
insufferable social standards such as the freedom to marry whom you
love, a true separation of church and state, a vigorous multi-party
system, an integrated world view, and worst of all health care for all
its people, regardless of ability to pay. Thank goodness we broke
free from that! God ble$$ America!

To help with the festivities, the British Museum is holding an
Americana fest with free American beer (I guess this means Coors or
Bud, eh?) and then I will be heading to an American (themed?) dinner
with visiting ex-pats Todd Martin and Schnookums, and resettled Ex-
Pats Mary Keany and Natasha (who is bringing along a token Limey for
us to tar and feather).

After that, it's out into the wild streets of Soho for pre-Pride
revelry (they are smart here - they do Pride on Saturday) where much
non-American beer will be had.

Perhaps Americans will vote themselves out of the current tyranny in
DC and we can truly celebrate next year. Remember to register to

Obama '08!

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