Thursday, August 07, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #260] Mom, Russ, Budapest, Manchester, Paris, Israel, Vegas, SF, oh my!

I was supposed to go to Brighton last weekend for Brighton Pride, the best Pride in the UK I am told, but my bank manager pointed to my current account balance and sternly reminded me that my delayed gratification for travel this year was about to blossom.  So I stayed home, saved a few quid and got to get a little more pent up before the travel season begins.

My mom arrives on Saturday to visit me and see my new place, which I am really excited about.  The day she leaves Russ arrives for our triad of Budapest, Manchester and Paris.  September brings Israel with Mary Keany, and then the dearth of October and November while I catch my breath before going to the West Coast for 17 days for Natasha's and Chris's wedding and ancillary festivities.

Which brings me to the point of this eMail - I bought my ticket for America!  And on BA no less, so none of this $6 for a cocktail rubbish on American airlines.

So, my itinerary for America, for those who are coming from the UK as well or those who are meeting me at various points in situ:

Fri 19 Dec
BA 193: London Heathrow - Dallas
10:45 - 15:00
(I know, I know, but DFW has a nice Taco Bell in the terminal, so I am set to start my trip off in style!)

BA 5065 (AA 5065): Dallas - Las Vegas
16:30 - 17:35

Thu 25 Dec
United 1503: Las Vegas - San Francisco
19:38 - 21:07

Sun 04 Jan
BA 284: San Francisco - London Heathrow
16:15 - 10:25

Boo.  :-(  I am already sad about leaving my friends and family.  But, I won't focus on that right now - Vegas baby, yeah!  (And SF, baby, YEAH!  And Napa/Sonoma, baby, YEAH!!!!!!)

So all you Europeans who are joining me for the wedding/party, see if you can get on my flight.

Russ, hurry and book on my same SF flight!

Bon voyage,

Shaun Coley
Shadwell, Tower Hamlets
London, UK

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