Saturday, August 09, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #261] Olympics

So, who else is already embarrassed about London 2012?

Relatedly (sic), I am watching the first round of the men's gymnastics now.  BBC are spending a huge amount of time showing the competition rather than letting us know who on the team has a sister with cancer, who barely survived an overturned pick-up truck accident at age six, who lost a parent as a child or who hasn't seen their family in sixteen years because they moved to Assfart, TX to train for this very day.  Showing the competitions - at the Olympics! - ground breaking!  (Well, since pay-per-view's Red, White and Blue channels didn't take.)

Still, there is something missing; in America, they focused on the Important People (team America and its main rivals) and built up some drama - strategic pauses before scores, tense glances from coaches, a more true-to-life time scale.  Here it's routine after routine, which I thought I would prefer.  But it turns out it is a bit like a wine tasting without ever getting to truly savour a nice glass.

I haven't seen any other events (and won't, save the Michael Phelps show), but from the gymnastics, it's quite apparent this is China's party and we're all just there out of protocol.  I suggest everyone read this book now.

(Sidenote: Mom arrived safely and is napping after a nice helping of saag paneer and 1.5 pints of Cobra.)


Shaun Coley
Shadwell, Tower Hamlets
London, UK

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