Tuesday, August 26, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #266] Manchester Pride 2008

We made it back from Manchester relatively unscathed last night - 6.5 hours after leaving, however! Network Rail decided, of course, that this bank holiday Monday was a perfect time to do upgrade work, as no one must be travelling for the long weekend.

Manchester, yet again, did not disappoint. I don't know how this small, and in most people's minds marginal, city does it, but it pulled off a party far bigger and better than anything I've seen in London. I haven't been to Brighton Pride yet, and hear that's good, but even that's not four official days like this - and really, that's just London Pride Redux, n'est-ce pas?

Manchester has retained its place on my dance card and has proven it can outlast us. I think we were overzealous on Friday and way overdid it, leaving us in bed early (by Manchester standards) last night. Or maybe we're just too old for more than two nights Manchester style now.

Attached are a few pics from the weekend - more at http://www.new.facebook.com/album.php?aid=70573&l=2bf3c&id=713081334 if you want to see.


1) - DSC00090 - Central Manchester from our hotel

2) - DSC00094 - Those famous Northern grey skies we had to deal with for Pride

3) - DSC00098 - Just after working hours Friday, the party begins

4) - DSC00101 - Russ always knew where to find me

5) - DSC00103 - Protesters meet revellers

6) - DSC00115 - Wolverhampton - near the historical home of the greatest concentration of Coleys; I see why they chose America!

Shaun Coley
Shadwell, Tower Hamlets
London, UK


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