Thursday, September 25, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #279] Half a country on a tank of gas

Phew, wow - Mary and I have done quite the circuit of Northern Israel: the mount from the Sermon on the Mount, a settlement, Nazareth, Tiberias, Haifa, Netanya and now we've arrived in Tel Aviv. Just a short message to send a few pics and let my parents know I haven't been killed or abducted for ransom - there's a city out there that needs exploring and a Mary Keany that deserves some quiet alone time.


1) DSC00059 - The Six Commandments of the Sermon of the Mount; notice the bottom left one - apparently, Jesus did not approve of martinis (I guess this is why he turned water into wine instead of one straight up with a twist, eh?)

2) DSC00036 - A settlement in Northern Israel - you too can live the Zionist dream!

3) DSC00041 - Nazareth. If Jesus's professional output has carried through into modern times, I can see why he decided to give up carpentry and give being the son of God a chance instead

4) DSC00044 - Tiberias - view from our hotel of the Sea of Galilee across to the Golan Heights - looks nice, right?

5) DSC00053 - It's not - it's the kind of city that has an old ruin and builds a shopping mall around it. Tiberias seems to be where Israel's B&T/Essex crowd go on holiday

6) DSC00073 - Haifa - much nicer! Temple of the Baha'i here; after Jerusalem I was considering taking up Judaism, but I think Baha'i's the way to go now

7) DSC00076 - See, it's just a very pleasant city when Hezbollah aren't dropping missiles on it

8) DSC00080 - Netanya - we had lunch there - it was enough

9) DSC00084 - Entering Tel Aviv, Israel's New York. Full evaluation in three hangovers' time. Initial thoughts? Mary was right - me likie!


Shaun Coley
Tel Aviv

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