Monday, December 22, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #309] Viva Lost Wages

Friends married?  Check.  Massive amounts of alcohol consumed?  Check.  Dancing pole used, embarrassing pulling story*, Taco Bell consumed?  Check, check, check.  Vegas is coming along swimmingly!

It's been great seeing many friends here, and that will continue throughout the rest of the visit, and to show Natasha and Chris my home town.  I've already bumped up against my tolerance limit, though, and there's more than three full days left before SF.  I'll be OK - still many friends to see, including a mini high school reunion tomorrow at one of Vegas's trashiest bars, the Double Down Saloon ("Home of the fabled ass juice, birthplace of the bacon martini" - this is a place I've got to see!).

Had a bit of a stressful and dramatic Saturday night out.  After the wedding and post-nuptual festivities, Russ and I went to gay intersecion.  After about just an hour there we got a call from my Mom - she had just called an ambulance to take my Dad to the hospital.  He'd been having chest pains/breathing difficulties for about a week and they hit hard that night.  He's all right and been relesaed after being kept overnight.  Tests confirmed it wasn't a heart attack, but he's going to have to see a doctor as soon as he gets back to Miami to monitor the situation.

So, crazy start to my American adventure!  Off now to pick my folks up from visiting a friend.  Hope all your pre-Xmas days are going well.

Cheers from the Mojave Desert,

*Not mine

Shaun H. Coley
Shadwell, Tower Hamlets
London, UK

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