Tuesday, December 23, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #310] Xmas: A four-part story

Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols's son, Joshua Nichols, lives in Vegas.  John Wayne Bobbit moved here after he achieved penisless fame.  Dana Plato also committed suicide here.

The first leg of my flight here was London-Dallas.  I was overcome with preconceptions and prejudices about the people I would be sharing the plane with, but then I reminded myself that no, these were the kind of people who travelled - they were not the gun-toting, deer-hunting, Bush-lovin' 'Murkans of general Texas.  The guy sitting across the aisle from me had an empty Coke bottle at the beginning of the flight.  He proceeded to fill it with his chewing tobacco spit over the course of the 10.5 hours we shared space together.

I called a bouncer an immigrant last night!  I don't know why - all he did was ask for my ID.  I didn't mean to say it, it just fell out of my mouth.  My friends excused me by saying I've been in London too long, which was a diversion in intent, but I think is actually true.  Living in the world city that is London, immigrant has taken on a completely different sense for me - it's certainly not an insult.  His response was "I am not Mexican".  I think that's more offensive.

They tried to get me to pay $20 to go into 8.5 (a gay bar) last night!  It was circus night or some such idiocy.  Locals get in for free, out-of-towners pay $20.  My reaction was "$20 for out-of-towners and free for locals?  I know what people who live here look like, you have it backwards."  Russ ended up getting Schnookums and I in via a drag queen he knew, but still - twenty gay damn dollars for Angles & Lace?!  I would sooner go to All Bar One.

Two more days till SF.  I think my body is rejecting Vegas.

These are my Christmas gifts to you all:



Shaun H. Coley
Shadwell, Tower Hamlets
London, UK


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