Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[The Life of Shaun #343] Cambridge

Cambridge is fecking boring. It's not even all that pretty, and what is pretty they have greatly diminished by permeating it with All Bar One, Slug & Lettuce, the inescapable Pizza Express and the like.

Which was quite fine by Argie and me because all we really wanted to do was talk about and listen to Kris Allen, our favoured contestant and winner of American Idol 8, which we had just finally got to watch the night before due to the airing delay in the UK. Lottie, the sweet dear, had no chance of dimming our commitment and she gamely played along, as long as we were drinking, which we always were. We arrived to Cambridge, parked ourselves at the first beer garden we came across, popped out my portable iPod speakers and did not arrive at our hotel, just down the road, until five Kris-laden hours after our arrival into the university-cum-chain-store town.

For those not interested in Idol, this entry just ended, so you can go check out your favourite artistic site, read another chapter of Das Kapital, study Mandarin, light some incense and tea candles, or whatever it is you people do.

I've liked Kris since "Man In the Mirror" (group two, top 36, for those less well versed in Idolatry [Idol fact: Adam and Allison were the other two through from that group]) but in my voting pool, I was the only one who picked him*, so I know that my nascent adoration in the top 36 was not universal. But I just went with who I liked (my other pick was Anoop) rather than who I thought would win, and just like with JLS in the last X Factor (except for the losing bit), I just enjoyed each week he did well so much and was genuinely happy for him with each stage he made it through.

Danny - I never got him and could not stand him.

Allison - I am not a rock chick kind of guy, so she did not endear me at first, but her last two or three weeks were awesome; "Crybaby" was perfection.

Adam - His voice and his control over it are unmatchable, and I'd never protest otherwise. If his preferred repertoire were more in the "Mad World" vein than "Born to be Wild", I'd've liked him heaps more, but as it was, he began to grate on me a bit. However, he is the only other Idol whose songs I downloaded this year.

But Kris I just liked from the beginning; his style fits me much better, and everything from his aura to his looks to that hypersexy crooked mouth when he belts tickles me up and down. Who knows how much the "possibly gay" thing factored (my guess: too much), or perhaps America just doesn't need another rocker while David Cook's still making the rounds, or maybe people just started to see how great he was in his own right, but by "Falling Slowly" I thought he could win it and by "Heartless" I thought he should. So I am very, very happy (read: ECSTATIC!!!!) with the results, despite the vocal adamonishments (sic) from many of you.

Already miss the season, Kris and RyRy; glad to have X Factor to get me through till February.


*This initial Krisism netted me $203 from an unsplit pot, so I am not unhappy about my now-prescient unique affection. Thanks, Krissypoo!

All pics:

Argie and Krisypoo in the beer garden

Fine white wine! And I quote: "Bottled in France".

Lottie's and my texts to the gay bar

Shaun H. Coley
Shadwell, Tower Hamlets
London, UK

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