Wednesday, June 03, 2009

[The Life of Shaun #344] My corner of London

Just a few pics from the past couple weeks:

A rainbow to South London, viewed from my bedroom

My local bus stop sign

A view of Whitechapel, Shadwell and Canary Wharf from Tower 42

The same photo, but with some details added. My building looks to have afunny shape in the outline because I the white tower (one of Shadwell's three towers, the third being the yellowish brick one to the left of the white one) blocks part of it out

(If you look at this pic I posted of the view from my flat, Tower 42 (né NatWest Tower) is just to the right of the Gherkin.)

Looking at these pics, you can definitely see how East London is a whole different city from the leafy, bucolic, green West London that Visit Britain sells to Midwestern tourists to lure them into visiting. It's definitely urban, gritty and edgy; I love it out East.


Shaun H. Coley
Shadwell, Tower Hamlets
London, UK

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