Thursday, October 15, 2009

[The Life of Shaun #366] Jings Crivvens help ma boab, shoot the craw, byraway!

...and that* pretty much sums up Glasgow.

OK, OK, I guess that's a little unfair as, superficially, it's not so bad - a fairly average British city (from what I hear it was like 20 years ago, this is a drastic improvement), not overly stately or overly harsh, containing all the usual chains. Uninspirational, but certainly not egregious.

Until you go to the gay bars, that is. When I was online talking to locals to find out where to go, a lot of them said things like "Oh, I don't like going out in Glasgow any more." And I can see why. My friend Paul summed it up perfectly: "I had so much trouble finding a gay bar in Glasgow". He was probably in them and just didn't know it. I've never been to a city other than Milton Keynes with more straight women in the "gay" bars.

Now, before the mob forms to tar and feather me to chants of "misogynist", I am fine with some mixing at my bars. But many of these bars had over 50% straight women. When you start getting that kind of flow, the straight men start coming and soon the gays are isolated to a small corner of the space à la the Pink Punter. The people were friendly and drinks cheap as promised, but it's been a while since I've had such a thoroughly unenjoyable night out. This is why Manchester has started implementing door policies, to keep the unique and lovely character of Canal Street from becoming the latest hen night runway.

Hey ho, sometimes you get Manchester, sometimes you get Glasgow. What're you gonna do?


*Roughly: My god, quick, let's leave!

Some pics attached, full set @

01) DSC00021 - The leaning rubbish bin of Glasgow, Scotland's #2 tourist attraction after Loch Ness

02) DSC00022 - Glasgow's high street

03) DSC00023 - The street where we stayed

04) DSC00025 - My new favourite store!

05) DSC00034 - I think this is city hall...

06) DSC00037 - Love the St. Enoch

07) DSC00041 - Glaswegians love and cherish their riverside.

08) DSC00043 - Russ and a Scottish beut

09) DSC00045 - Such a proud city!

10) DSC00049 - Another disappointing night begins...

11) DSC00051 - Must... stop... the... pain.

12) DSC00496 - Ah, Glasgow!

Shaun H. Coley
Shadwell, Tower Hamlets
London, UK

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