Monday, November 09, 2009

[The Life of Shaun #370] Madrid

In 1999, I had my first visit to the Iberian peninsula to visit my sisters in their newest nomadic homestead, Barcelona. I had a good time and liked the city well enough, but was not sufficiently moved to revisit for a full decade. A year after Euroising I went with Russ to Madrid. Perhaps because of disburnished expectations after a bad review, Russ and I both absolutely loved Madrid and its Madrileños and I declared my controversial preference for Madrid over Barcelona.

However, being of a scientific mind, I wanted to do a second round of testing under more controlled circumstances. So this year, after visiting Barcelona in the Summer, I was away to Madrid in the Fall for my friend Sean's XXth birthday. And though while this time I did manage to notice people of average looks amidst the beautiful, I still loved the city and dare say I still prefer it to Barcelona.

But just to be sure, I may be going to Barcelona again in December, for the advancement of science, of course. (Did you get your tickets yet, Schnookums?)

Attached are a few random pics from the city as I didn't see much without a liquor license.

On a side note, it's been awesome reading, listening to and watching all the coverage on the 20-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I was 14 when it came down, so too young to understand the enormity of it all, but I do remember how sudden and shocking it was, all amplified by the fact my German teacher had escaped from East Germany several decades before. She would shortly steal away to see family and friends she hadn't seen since she left. So happy birthday, unified Berlin! I am sure you will continue to get better over the next 20; just stop tearing down all your history! Hope to see you again soon.

Whoops! I accidentally just booked another trip to Berlin...

Cheers und Tschüß(ss for Marco),

01) DSC0003 - Madrid's impressive airport

02) DSC0007 - Plaza Puerta del Sol

03) DSC0008 - Random street

04) DSC0009 - View from my (second) hotel room

05) DSC0010 - View inside my (second) hotel room

06) DSC0011 - Even their construction sights (sic) are pretty!

07) DSC0012 - Another random street

08) DSC0013 - Obviously tourists

09) DSC0015 - The old main square

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