Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[The Life of Shaun #415] Thank you, (b)log!

I have spent this week faithfully procrastinating finishing filling out my application for British citizenship, for which I am applying next month. The infamous Section 2 requires that you document, account for and tally all time spent outside of the UK since arriving on your settlement visa. Everyone who applies before you warns you to keep track of your travels; everybody ignores this advice and has to piece together half a decade of their lives from the careless, random stamping of listless immigration officers.

I fit things together as best I could from the stamps and visas in my passport, but had numerous holes where dates and destinations should have been. I am very thankful for starting this list and archiving it to the internet because every time I travelled I blogged something about it and Google handily stored and sorted all the entries by year and month. So thank you all for receiving, if not reading, these; you've saved me a lot of pain tonight and I owe you a drink when I see you next.

My travelling doesn't seem as prolific listed out on paper (or in Excel, to be accurate) as it does in experience. I suppose lists are never particularly impressive to behold, and this does omit intraborder travelling, but it still seems mediocre somehow. I suppose that is justification enough for taking more trips! Or perhaps I should just use a bigger font.

The stats, for those who're counting, near as I could figure:

- 34 trips abroad (including two planned ones between now and submitting my application)
- 6.8 trips/year
- One trip every 1.75 months
- A total of 208 days (or 11.4% of my British existence) out of the country


Country Visited Reason Departure Return Days Absent
France Holiday 19-Nov-2005 22-Nov-2005 3
USA Visiting relatives 17-Mar-2006 2-Apr-2006 16
Spain Holiday 21-Apr-2006 24-Apr-2006 3
Italy Holiday 11-May-2006 14-May-2006 3
Sweden Holiday 14-Jul-2006 16-Jul-2006 2
Ireland Holiday 8-Sep-2006 11-Sep-2006 3
Bulgaria Holiday 13-Oct-2006 16-Oct-2006 3
USA Visiting relatives 22-Dec-2006 7-Jan-2007 16
Poland Holiday 10-Feb-2007 17-Feb-2007 7
USA Visiting relatives 6-Apr-2007 23-Apr-2007 17
France Holiday 19-May-2007 21-May-2007 2
China Holiday 9-Jun-2007 17-Jun-2007 8
Greece Holiday 22-Jun-2007 2-Jul-2007 10
Germany Holiday 30-Nov-2007 2-Dec-2007 2
Portugal Holiday 28-Dec-2007 1-Jan-2008 4
Turkey Holiday 31-Jan-2008 3-Feb-2008 3
USA Visiting relatives 3-Mar-2008 9-Mar-2008 6
France Holiday 18-Jul-2008 20-Jul-2008 2
Hungary Holiday 15-Aug-2008 18-Aug-2008 3
France Holiday 29-Aug-2008 31-Aug-2008 2
Israel Holiday 19-Sep-2008 28-Sep-2008 9
USA Visiting relatives 19-Dec-2008 5-Jan-2009 17
Italy Holiday 6-Mar-2009 9-Mar-2009 3
Spain Holiday 19-Mar-2009 22-Mar-2009 3
USA Visiting relatives 27-Jun-2009 13-Jul-2009 16
Estonia Holiday 11-Sep-2009 13-Sep-2009 2
Germany Holiday 16-Oct-2009 19-Oct-2009 3
Spain Holiday 6-Nov-2009 8-Nov-2009 2
Germany Holiday 25-Dec-2009 28-Dec-2009 3
Germany Holiday 22-Jan-2010 24-Jan-2010 2
Thailand, Cambodia, New Zealand, Australia Holiday 19-Feb-2010 9-Mar-2010 18
Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Macau, China Holiday 25-Jun-2010 5-Jul-2010 10
Greece Holiday 30-Jul-2010 2-Aug-2010 3
Germany Holiday 13-Aug-2010 15-Aug-2010 2


Shaun H. Coley
Shadwell, Tower Hamlets
London, UK

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