Tuesday, September 07, 2010

[The Life of Shaun #417] Tube Strike

London is currently suffering one of its periodic tube strikes as its workers deem 48 days holiday, a 37.5-hour work weeks, and above-inflation wage increases during times of austerity, insufficient remuneration for their daily trials.
TfL (Transport for London) is doing what it can, but is, of course, failing in some of the most basic ways.  Bank/Monument is entirely closed, severing a main link to/from East London, though trains are running through the station itself.  And my friend Lottie took this charmingly contradictory photo at London Bridge this morning.  It sums things up perfectly.
I, being a chosen Tower Hamlets resident, had no issues as the DLR is run by a separate company.  The fate of Morgan Stanley rests on my shoulders alone today!

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