Sunday, September 25, 2011

[The Life of Shaun #436] Unrealpolitik: The end of the White Swan?

Hi all,

Apologies for the very off-topic eMail, but I am doing a little bit of local politics here and want to get the word out.

There's currently a proposal that's been put forth in Tower Hamlets to ban all "sex" establishments.  Though I am against such a ban on principle alone (I've not yet been forced to give my custom anywhere I don't want to, so prosper and let prosper), this proposal is especially broad and could close down my local, and the East End's oldest gay establishment, The White Swan, as they have an amateur strip contest and dancers on the weekend.

Please fill this survey out, wherever you live - it will be good for them to know their decision is being watched widely -, but especially if you live in London, and East London in particular.

The survey's short and you're not required to fill in comments, though I chose to.

Thanks for your helping Tower Hamlets not become London's Texas if you do - and hope all is well and freer wherever you are!

Regards from "over-sexed" (apparently) Tower Hamlets,

"Deeming what is fit as a proper mix for any one area smacks dangerously of fascism, something this borough has fought in the past and should continue to fight today."

Shaun H. Coley | Shadwell | Tower Hamlets | London | UK |

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