Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Onward to India's Silicon Valley - Bagaluru (or, more well-known, Bangalore).  The recent development of this city is quite apparent, much of it looking as if it were transported from Southern California.  We had a surprisingly fantastic three days here.  However, this was more due to our hotel (the Purple Lotus, which deserves a plug here) which was a happenstance gem in our itinerary.  It provided excellent service, rooms and atmosphere, for half or less the price of any of our other hotels.  We were ready for a little rest at this point of the trip, so it was perfect.  The £10 reflexology massage didn't hurt either.

Bangalore instantly stands out for its greenery; parks overtake large parts of the city and trees shade many of the streets.

Above the pillars is written "Government work is God's work".

India does creep through the Southern California façade in the older parts of town.

The dining are at the Purple Lotus.

Anywhere else is fine, but just not here, please!

View from our roof terrace.

Our environs.

Truth in advertising!

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