Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Next was Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo, a modest-sized (by Asian standards) coastal city that has more potential than accomplishment.  Its main purpose, to international eyes, is as a port of entry before dispatching to one of Sri Lanka's myriad coastal resorts.  The city was hot and seemed to receive no relief from its seaside location.  Though it has a few lovely visages, I can't say there's a lot to recommend the metropolis of Ceylon.

Duty free appliances anyone?  Curious, if you buy one, can you receive it at the end of your journey?

Sri Lanka's languages have very attractive, curvaceous, scripts.

The city, in colour and temperament, is reminiscent of Caribbean towns.

The requisite snake charmer photo.

Judging from this sign, emigration is still a major industry for the island.

Colombo could be a lovely seaside city, but much of its beach is taken over with dilapidated buildings and a commuter railway.

Russ and me at lunch.

The view from lunch.

I had the most ridiculous hotel room; more a fish tank than hotel room, it afforded all passers-by an open view of me, whatever my state.

But there were a few natural sights of particular beauty...

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