Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[The Life of Shaun #442] Slumdog Thousandaire

I am back from my whirlwind tour of South Asia, and I am the latest in a long line of visitors who have been impressed and charmed by India.

The country is mad - barking mad, chaotic, crowded, poor, wealthy, engaging, uplifting - almost primal, but peaceful.  If I had to say just one thing about my visit it's that I've never wanted to hug so many people in my life.  We encountered so many kind and helpful people, with disarmingly charming dispositions and honest smiles.

All the platitudes about India are true: it's hot, huge, overcrowded, juxtaposed, spiritual, another world.  But it's good they're out there as they help prepare you, as best as words could, for the insanity that embraces you from the moment you step out of your air-conditioned plane into whichever port you've chosen.  Everyone says you love it or hate it, and I fall into the former group; it is definitely somewhere I want to return to.

Writing about it all would be endless, so I've put together a few groups of photos for those who are interested:

Mumbai --> http://shaunism.blogspot.com/2011/12/mumbai.html

Now Rachel Klem is in town for the holidays and I have to give her the attention she is due.  Back to work tomorrow - so not ready for it!

राम राम,

My favourite picture I took in India.

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