Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[The Life of Shaun #449] Berlin macht immer Spaß!

I went to Berlin the weekend before Norway with Rahul and his friend, Brent, who is visiting from Australia.  No need to gush over the continent's greatest city yet again, but just thought I'd share two pics from the weekend.

Also, to the surprise of many, we had two kick-ass vegan dinners while there, one at Kopps, and one at La Mano Verde (have the chocolate cake if you ever go - phenomenal!).  So contrarian to German stereotypes is my mistress.


Only in Berlin: find you don't have that sling when you realise you need it?  Just have one delivered!

This was taken on my way to the airport Sunday morning; these three old men were waiting at the gated door to the bar for it to open, which it was just starting to do as I passed.  I think Berlin needs to move up my list of potential retirement locations!

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