Friday, November 09, 2012

[The Life of Shaun #454] Naperville redux

Hi all,

Just thought I would send a quick update.

I am currently nearing the end of a two-week trip to America.  Original plan was to see Mama and the family for about a week, then some friends in Asheville for a long weekend, then New York for a week for visits, a wedding of Rahul's friend, and working from the New York office for a few days.  

First part worked out, but the last bit has had to be altered.  After a few days in New York, I spoke with my sisters to see how things were, and Mom had had some hard days, especially on the day I had called.  So I truncated New York, which means I will miss the wedding, and have come back to Naperville to see Mom some more on this leg of the trip.

Back to New York on Sunday and then London on the 13th.  Planning on coming back for 2-3 weeks in December.

Those who know Mama and would like to call/say hello, she doesn't check eMail very often anymore, so it's best to call her @ 630-995-3198.

More details on the rest of the trip and Bratislava from a couple weeks ago soon, but for now just wanted to let everyone know what's up.


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