Tuesday, December 25, 2012

[The Life of Shaun #459] Coley Christmas Chaos

Christmas with the Coley clan has been great; typical chaos has ensued, but somehow it all came together.  We were a little sad because Mom had three great days leading up to Christmas Eve day, but yesterday and today haven't been as good (but much, much better than the bad days before her good triad; we're never sure what each morning will bring).

Lara, Lisa, Alberto and Mihalis made a fantastic Christmas dinner, ham and turkey, myriad sides, and Aunt Judy made her famous sunshine cake.  I've realised Christmas Eve is the best  day of the year when you have small children as it's the only night they want to go to sleep early.  We closed out the night with plenty of peace and quiet, and several hands of cards.

So a very nice holiday here in the Western suburbs of Chicago.  Russ is coming out for the weekend and NYE (look out, Chicago!), so the festivities will continue!


Me and my cousin Janine getting things started.

The Coleys (and a sneaky grand daughter...).

Mom's twin, Aunt Judy, and Mama.

The whole clan!

Me  smiling - someone must've just offered me wine!

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