Monday, December 31, 2012

[The Life of Shaun #460] Good riddance

Not sure how 2012 went for everyone, but I know I won't be sad to see the backside of it.  A lot of good things happened this year, but not a moment felt carefree and happy; it's been dispiriting and exhausting and I am ready for it to be done.

But as hard as it's been, it'd've been endlessly harder without the friends and family who've reached out with kindness and caring.  And to all of you, thank you for that.

I hope you all have (or had, for my antipodes) a great New Year's Eve.  Fortunately, Russ is visiting and will be doing his darnedest to help me ring in a better 2013, or at least to drown out 2012.  

And with that, as my friend Alan put it: "Die, 2012, die! I will dance on your grave tonight."


Shaun H. Coley | At large in Naperville, IL |

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