Wednesday, December 11, 2013

[The Life of Shaun #491] London Fog

Despite London's reputation, it is rarely foggy here.  Today was an exception; when I woke up, the first thing I noticed was the blanket of whiteness outside my window, eight stories up.  Winter is here, and I love it.  After an exceptionally hot Summer, there's something comforting about the heavy Winter air.  It feels nearer, closer in around you.  While the short days can be a drag, the acute angle of the sun this time of year creates lingering dawns and dusks, with sunrises and sunsets whose colours slowly roll across the sky.

Soon the days will start lengthening towards our glorious 10:30pm Summer sunsets, but for now I am loving Winter in my city.


Surnise over Canary Wharf from my balcony last week.

23 dazzling photos of the fog enveloping London

Posted at 6:05 pm, December 11, 2013 in Photos of London

mpsinthesky thing

You probably noticed it was a bit foggy today. So did lots of other people. Some of them with cameras! So on that note, here are some great shots of London shrouded in fog, bathed in a golden winter light, and looking pretty banging.

The invisible Shard reflecting sunshine through the mist:

shard fog photo


 The Millenium Bridge disappearing into nothingness:

dave pearce

[Photo: Dave Pearce]

The Shard appearing over a bank of mist:

kjalee shard fog

 [Photo: @kjalee]

The low winter sun over Kenwood Park:

kenwood house sally_mckay

[Photo: @sally_mckay]

The tops of Canary Wharf's buildings above the clouds:

canary wharf - lovetofunk

[Photo: @lovetofunk]

Waves of mist seen from Galvin at Windows:

view from galvin

[Photo: @fredsirieix1]

Sunlight beaming through Tower Bridge:

recborg tower bridge

The Metropolitan Police helicopter got a fantastic view:

london mpsinthesky

You can just about see the O2 arena:
dome mpsinthesky

And Canary Wharf, of course:
fog over canary wharf mpsinthesky

Jamesdolphin1 was passing overhead too:

jamesdolphin1 canaryfog

 Close to the ground, things took on a more dystopian edge:


[Photo: @pseudoboy]

Though it made for a nice sunset in places:


[Photo: @wiljc]


[photo: @lilian_tsui]

At Stratford station:


 [Photo: @sheastevie]

And at the Tate Modern:

sophiastvillier ig

[photo: sophiastvillier]

From an elevated office:

auketts ig

 [Photo: auketts]

In the park:


[Photo: londonaperture]

By the river:

therealmikeyboy london fobg

 [Photo: therealmikeyboy]

Looking towards Westminster:

mattpike ig

[Photo: mattpike]

Kristijonas Dirse

[Photo: Kristijonas Dirse]

And finally in Barnet:

barnet vale

[Photo: Phillip Rocker]

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