Saturday, June 20, 2015

[The Life of Shaun #513] Stagcastle

In the UK, "stag" and "hen" dos are hugely popular.  The dos are weekends away with your best mates a couple of weeks before your Big Day, where you drink, wear fancy dress, go out and...actually, that's about it.  The British are loathed in many popular stag/hen locations across the continent, as their town centres have become overrun with hordes of drunk men in tutus and women carrying around giant inflatable penises.  Having fully embraced British culture, I was not about to miss out on this right of passage.  So my best (wo)man, Mary Keany, packed up a few bags of accoutrements, eleven sashes, and put us on a train headed North.

No city has embraced the stag/hen do like Newcastle.  Always known as a destination for a party, Newcastle, having lost all its other industry, has made a cottage industry out of them.  When you leave the train station, enterprising Geordies are waiting outside to make sure you are sorted for party spots and stripper shows.  Most every bar has signage promoting its stag/hen drink specials, and by night the city centre streets are filled with merry men and women decked out in their fancy dress finest, laughing, dancing, singing, vomiting, and getting the most out of their last hurrahs - it's the British at their finest!

There is a lot more story to Newcastle, of course, but that's for another visit.  This was about all about the three Bs: booze, boys and bars.

Almost recovered,

Ian and Jan, bright and perky on the way up.

Mary, me and the old ball and chain.

Newcastle's very own Times Square.

In the North, having a pint whilst pregnant is considered part of your five-a-day.

Kenny and Ronny lock horns.

Dinner with the fiancé.

And another dinner - how much did we eat?

Oh wait, Ian and I were fine on our liquid diets, thankyouverymuch!

Streets of Newcastle.

Alexi and me, checking out the local scene.

We even had a local tour guide in Sean David Usher.

Even Cheryl Cole was out!

This will always be remembered as the weekend that we broke Jan.

But Mary Keany had prepared for everything!

The before shot.  No stag/hen do would be complete without a stripper show, so Mary Keany booked us in at Adonis, Newcastle's finest.

Waiting for strippers!

You just can't keep Jan from getting his cock out.

Woo hoo!  The strippers have arrived!

Ian even had a little dance with the man of the hour.

The man of the hour, and our drag hostess.

My new bride-to-be bestie.

And the after shot!

Shaun H. Coley ~ Kentish Town ~ Camden ~ London NW5 ~ UK ~

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