Monday, September 21, 2015

[The Life of Shaun #515] It's a date!

Sushil collected his relocation visa today!

It was a bit of a stressful weekend, as the office let us know last week that a decision had been taken, but we had to wait for it to be delivered from New Delhi to Mumbai to find out what the decision was.  We weren't overly worried, but until it's in your hand, you can't help questioning if you sent in enough, or the right, documents.  But it's sorted, and Sushil will be moving over on 15 October!

It's going to be a very busy month for me.  This weekend, after a year in Kentish Town, Marco and I are moving back to Shadwell.  Though there are some things I will miss about living here (namely the very unLondon impromptu visits proximity to Jan has engendered), the things I like about Kentish Town are occasional things, whereas the things I like about Shadwell are every day things: the view, the cheaper housing cost, the seven-minute commute - the dishwaser.  And I can honestly say I miss Shadwell; Kentish Town is beautiful, bucolic and ever trendier, but I feel more at home in the urban grit of the East End.

A week after the move, I am off with my friend Lottie (who else?) to Beijing and North Korea.  I get back on the 13th, and then two days later Sushil arrives.  I just hope I will have managed to unpack by then...

Cheers, for the last time from North London,

Shaun H. Coley ~ Kentish Town ~ Camden ~ London NW5 ~ UK ~
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