Thursday, July 28, 2016

[The Life of Shaun #530] Dos mas, por favor

After eight months of marriage, we decided that Sushil's liver was trained up enough to meet Russ in person.  We jumped the gun a little bit on that, but still managed a fabulous time.  Russ had just come out from under a Cirquetastic hurricane and was ready for a gay old time, and on that we delivered.

First up was Barcelona, quite possibly the loveliest city in Europe.  It's on the Mediterranean coast, nestled between mountains and the sea, with generous sunshine and good genes.  The city was the home of Gaudí, Spain (mostly) stayed out of WWII, and then suffered the stasis of dictatorship until democratic elections in 1982, leaving a thoroughly unspoilt European city that has the bonus of being surprisingly affordable (well, pre-Brexit sterling crash, anyway).  Lara, Lisa and Gabby came for the weekend as well, joining us and our locals-in-common, Howard & Sergio, and, from my Paris days, Swedish Stefan.

We midweeked in London, and then it was off to Maspalomas, The Gayest Place on Earth.  I'd heard about it, but I never really quite understood just how gay it was until we were there.  Maspalomas is a city, albeit a holiday one, but gay Maspalomas is a multistory strip mall, catering to every need and taste in one drunk-walkable complex.  We had a bit of trouble adjusting to the schedule, as the only people who start evenings later than Spaniards are Spaniards on holiday.  But we got there, eventually seeing the opening, at least, of the main club by our final night.

Despite the silly fun, I didn't fare well in the sun and heat and was ready to get back to Blighty by the end of the long weekend.  It was a great time,  but would've been even better five years ago, and has safely nudged me into being comfortable with never going to Ibiza.  Best of all was seeing Russ after far too long and introducing him properly to Sushil.  Now we just need to work on that liver training...


Enjoying lunch

On the beach.  I'm sure there are supposed to be sights in Barcelona somewhere worth seeing...

Ah, there they are!

The incomparable Sagrada Família.  We didn't get a picture of it from the taxi between bars, so I lifted this one.

Breakfast in Maspalomas.


The family-friendly Yumbo centre.

Many, many levels of gay.  You start the evening at ground level and work up through the night.

Sushil enjoyed the pool, whilst I enjoyed a toe's worth of sunshine.

We did make it to the dunes, which separated the town from...

...Sushil's first (nude) gay beach!

Eventually we saw a (the?) sight.

Actually, this was the sight: the world's gayest cocktail!

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