Sunday, October 16, 2016

[The Life of Shaun #539] The Life of Michelle

When I was young, I had some pretty naïve opinions on abortion.  Once I was a bit older, I realised that I will never understand the position a woman is in when she's making that choice, and decided that I (and all men, frankly) should defer to the women who actually must carry this burden.

Similarly, as a man, I will never understand the violation of casual sexual transgressions and the angst they cause.  For me, the revelation of the Trump tapes was just another in a series of repugnant statements by the Republican nominee.  But for many women, those words hit much closer to home.  As I am not genitally qualified to make a personal comment, today I turn over TLOS to my good friend Michelle Vensell:

In July I had lost faith.  I well and truly had.  I absolutely believed that Trump would pull it off.  That in this era of Real Housewives of X emulating, Kardashian worshipping, and sleeping on sidewalks for iPhones we had sort of lost our souls as humans.  People see Trump as a SAVIOR.

And quite honestly, it was not until "grab them by the p___y" that I was actually able to shake off the stupor of somnolence that had overcome me with that sad acceptance.  When I heard that, it woke old and bitter things.  I'm awake now and angry.

In speaking with my girlfriends about it:  I think that many of us came to a point as a young woman where we just accepted that it comes with the territory - guys can be grab-y.  In 6th grade, there was a game where the older boys would try to grab some of the new girls after school "in the coochie".  No one would complain because it was a game, after all.  

As adults, we dealt with it at work.  We dealt with it outside of work.  We accepted it and moved on.  That was how we dealt with it.  There was no official complaining then. 

It took me a long time to learn to not be okay with people touching me without my permission. 

Watching this video, I laugh in sadness and anger.  WILLFUL ignorance is such a - wait - I don't know that it is willful.  Is that the true tragedy here?  And these people want the "grab them by the p___y" guy to be the president of our nation?!  WTF?!

It's a personal choiceShaun H. Coley ~ Shadwell ~ Tower Hamlets ~ London E1 ~ UK ~ ~ #ImWithHer

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