Tuesday, July 07, 2009

[The Life of Shaun #353] Manhattan Memoir

As I am sitting here on the sofa, victor in the last round of the air-conditioning war, looking out across the low-slung expanse of Miami, I cannot grasp how I have only been away from New York for three days.  Time really ekes on in this city.

I had a great time in New York.  It was a tame trip, as far as these things go.  Part of it was jet lag, but part of it was also that I was going in a different frame of mind than my past returns to the city.  I've been missing New York and my friends a lot more lately, and thoughts of moving back have been creeping to the frontal lobe, so I was sort of more looking for a "litmus test" regular week back rather than a blow-out.

A part of me thought I might fall into ecstatic regret for ever having left and falling into depression that I wasn't living there now, but that didn't happen.  I miss it, miss my friends there, and it was amazing and comfortable and felt so natural to be there.  But though I was sad to leave in a specific sense, I was OK with it generally.  I'm not ready to give London up yet.  I also know what it takes to get established in New York, and having lost my apartment there and working in finance, that is not something I'd think about trying right now.  But I know going back is a certainty, so I guess I can paraphrase St. Augustine and just say "New York, make me poor, but not yet."

Coming to Miami after New York was a stroke of genius mental-health-wise, though.  I love my extended family here, and they love living here, bless them, but I am certainly looking forward to getting back to the Big Smoke after a few days here.

And.  There.  Are.  Three.  More.  To.  Go.

This weekend I am going to Atlanta for the first time where I will be entrusting my liver and virtue to Mike McGirr.  Perfect prelude to a long overnight flight back to the Old World.


Shaun H. Coley
Shadwell, Tower Hamlets
London, UK


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