Sunday, September 18, 2016

[The Life of Shaun #535] The end of an era

After countless litres of booze, dozens of dodgy bars, and 7½ years - longer than I lived in New York - Marco will be moving out tomorrow.  It's an amicable parting, with no hurt feelings.  Living with two is different than living with one, especially in 68 m² (730 ft²), and coming back to Shadwell meant Marco's commute was again over an hour.  He will be moving up North, to Woodside Park, into a lovely flat with a large private garden, within walking distance to his work.

It feels a bit odd when I think of not living with Marco.  He's been an integral part of most of my London life.  We've had a lot, a lot, of good times, and very few bad ones.  Our circles of friends have become entangled, I've been to his home village and stayed with his family, he was with me through Mom's death, and
​he ​
was one of
 witnesses at our wedding.  But it will be good for Sushil and me to live on our own, and to have the space to grow as a couple.  Life moves forward and things change.

Of course, this also means we have a guest room now - so who's coming to visit?!

​ ​
Marco, und viel Glück im Norden!

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