Wednesday, November 05, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #291] Depressed

That I am not in America right now celebrating! It must be electric.
I love the spontaneous celebration in front of the White House! I
wanted this to be a repudiation of the Bush years and it is.

I woke up at 04.00, at 04.01 Sky called it for Obama; it was head-
spinning. I cried several times. Obama's speech was enormous.
McCain's was a gracious acknowledgement to the day, and for that, at
least, he can be commended.

I can tell you Europe is relieved. What a stunning overnight change -
today, expats are saying "I am American" without that look of shame in
their eyes. The VP of my team shook my and the other American on the
team's hands and said "Good job" when he came in this morning.

I know there will be troubles, but for today all seems right with the
world. Until you remember CA and Prop 8. But I have faith that too
will fall.

Happily optimistic,

PS - I am very proud of my home state, Nevada; its percentage for
Obama was right up there with California, Washington and Oregon; it is
truly becoming a West Coast state rather than a Mountain West state.
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