Thursday, November 06, 2008

[The Life of Shaun #294] Obamamania Remarks of Senator Barack Obama on New Hampshire Primary Night

Two little tidbits to feed the Obamamania for those of you who still have it. (My friend David in New York told me it's still vibrantly alive there, though Fox News has moved on. It's still kicking here; however, Barack was bumped out of the first story position on BBC tonight by the only thing more popular in Europe than politics, football.)

First, here is a link to "Yes We Can" - it's a hip hop song done over and to the words of Obama's remarks the night of the New Hampshire primary. It is a stunning speech and I can't help but feel greatness when I hear it, like something you read about in a history book, but never live through.

Second, this is a short article from this morning's Metro, one of London's free papers. It made me smile.

The day America became a little bit cool again

The election of Barack Obama has already transformed public opinion of the US, it emerged yesterday.

After eight years of the Bush administration which saw anti-US sentiment soar, expat Americans were greeted warmly around the world once more.

One US journalist in Vienna said a young woman walked up and kissed him on a bus after she overheard his accent. In France - demonised by Washington for opposing the US-led invasion of Iraq - one politician proclaimed "the America we love is back" while revellers held a "Goodbye George" party in Paris.

There was worldwide goodwill at the election of America's first black president. Prache Kanjananent, a 29-year-old Thai, said "He had an Asian childhood, African parentage and has a Middle Eastern name. He is a truly global president."

Mr. Obama himself said his victory showed the American dream was still alive. Even Mr. Bush said all voters could be "proud of the history" that the election of the 47-year-old represented.

He added: "I know millions of Americans will be overcome with pride at this inspiring moment that so many have awaited so long."

Shaun H. Coley
Shadwell, Tower Hamlets
London, UK

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