Saturday, September 05, 2009

[The Life of Shaun #359] Random London, a Prom and the Gherkin

Just some random pics from the past few weeks:

01. DSC00001 - Cloudy day from my window

02. DSC00006 - Britain loves The Gays!

03. DSC00008 - Approaching Royal Albert Hall

04. DSC00009 - Behind the choir for Beethoven's 9th

05. DSC00015 - Canary Wharf Station (where I alight for my daily wage slavery...)

06. DSC00018 - The point. Of the Gherkin.

07. DSC00019 - The East End (including my building) and Canary Wharf from the Gherkin

08. DSC00021 - Another...

09. DSC00024 - The BT Tower at sunset

10. DSC00025 - The bar. In the point. Of the Gherkin.

11. DSC00026 - Point again

12. DSC00027 - And bar again

13. DSC00028 - Our table! In the bar. In the point. Of the Gherkin. The empty seat is where I sat.

14. DSC00029 - The Thomas/John/Fred/Isaac/José/Timothy/etc. Neale, my local pub at the bottom of Watney Market. Those who haven't been in a while, please take note of the gentrification at hand; not only has the duct tape covering the holes in the cushions been replaced with patches, now the plastic tables and chairs have been replaced with wood!

15. DSC00030 - DLR sign @ Tower Gateway

16. DSC00031 - Londonistas will see the error in this...

17. DSC00033 - It's kind of hard to tell, but look at the top left of the Eye - one of the pods is missing!

18. DSC00033 - Same pic, blown up...

If you'd like to see the whole set, I've posted them here:

Todd's in town for the weekend and I am appropriately hung over; round two begins in 90 minutes. Wish me luck!


Shaun H. Coley
Shadwell, Tower Hamlets
London, UK

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