Saturday, February 27, 2010

[The Life of Shaun #394] Tāmaki-makau-rau

I've made it to the penultimate destination of my Australasian adventure - Auckland (distantly related, also the name of the street I mostly grew up on). When I came to Australia in 2002, I wanted to jump over here to see it, but there just wasn't the time. I figured this will likely be the last time I am in this part of the world for a while, so I better do it now.

Auckland must be about the luckiest city on Earth; nestled between two separate bays, so nowhere's far from a beach, tucked between over 40 green mountains and hills, moderate weather, situated in a rich, Westernised, well-liked nation, urban, but not overcrowded, a diverse population - it's about as good as it gets. (At least on paper; if I were a W1 kinda guy, it might be nirvanic for me, but I am definitely E1 - I need a little grit, edge and vibrancy in my cities.) The style and feel of it actually feels like the nice part of LA around UCLA - I can understand why LA was so desirable before it grew into the unlovable cancerous sprawl it is today.

(Lottie & Argie, I wish you were here with me! There are a couple of bars here I really want to go to and you're the only other people in the world who would go with me!)

One more night out here, then it's off to Sydney in the early afternoon.


1. IMG_0330 - Actually a pre-Auckland pic: my chariot from Bangkok and where it took me

2. IMG_0333 - Leaving Sydney

3. IMG_0337 - And arriving in Auckland - they look related, don't they?

4. IMG_0348 - Interesting self portrait

5. IMG_0357 - Just about wherever you are in town, you can see the Sky Tower (the tallest structure in the Southern hemisphere, as you will doubtlessly hear dozens of times). This is my view from outside my hotel.

6. IMG_0367 - Close up and underneath; the cables on the right hand side are used to guide down the idiots that pay to jump off the tower.

7. IMG_0371 - Central Auckland from the tower

8. IMG_0373 - And a view the other direction from the tower - you can see how the city stretches out to another bay.

9. IMG_0384 - Typical pleasant Auckland street

Shaun H. Coley
Auckland, NZ

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